The World Evangelism Team

J.C. and Betty Choate

J.C. and Betty Choate

J. C. (deceased, 2008, and) Betty Choate

J.C. and Betty began their foreign mission efforts in 1962 in Karachi, Pakistan. They established the church also in Colombo, Sri Lanka in 1967, and in New Delhi, India in 1968.

The many questions asked by Bible correspondence course students propelled J.C into the beginning of a literature program even in Pakistan, and the use of small study books grew with the even greater needs they found in India. When multiple-language radio programs were added to the available tools, the literature involvement also increased.

Not being able to get long-term residence visas for India, and finding it necessary to spend part of each year in the States to raise funds for the growing number of weekly radio programs and the increased demands for literature, J.C. became involved in radio/literature efforts in other countries “on the way” home. India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Burma, Indonesia, East Malaysia, and the Philippines have been points of involvement.

For 20 years, while their school age children were reaching college age, J.C. spent three months in the spring in India, recording programs and working with the local men in the development of magazines and other literature for follow-up.  He spent the summer months visiting churches in the States, reporting and raising funds for the radio broadcasts.  The fall months were again spent in India, and the winter months saw a continuation of the round of visits for fund-raising.  The outreach through the combination of radio/literature/and personal follow-up expanded the growth of the church in India tremendously.

With the spread of TV in India and the growth of cable systems, it is now possible for preachers of the Gospel to have local and satellite programs for the country. This is a new and currently developing phase of the work which is bringing in a great harvest of souls.

The Choates have also published more than 250 book titles in the US, a quarterly teaching magazine [The Voice of Truth International], and a mission magazine [Global Harvest].  The Voice of Truth International is printed in English in the US but is sent to mission fields around the world. At the present time, it is also being translated and printed in Spanish, Telugu, Hindi, Paite, Tamil, and Nepali.

J.C. was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2002.  After surgery, he returned to his normal foreign/American work routine until a recurrence of the cancer in 2005 necessitated lung surgery.  In the fall of 2007, the Jerry Bates and the Louis Rushmores moved to Winona, MS to become members of the World Evangelism team.  On February 1, 2008, J.C. was called home for his eternal reward, leaving the responsibilities of the work in the hands of the Bates, the Rushmores, the Barriers, the Nichols, and Betty.  Because of this cooperation, and the continued sponsorship of the Liberty Church of Christ, the foreign and Stateside elements of the work moved forward without interruption.

J.C. and Betty have three children, Sheila [married to Rob Gibson (a medical doctor) and parents of Stephanie (married to Matt Kessler and mother of Riley and Jack) and Alex; living in Ketchikan, Alaska], Steven [married to Melinda and parents of Erin and Jonathan; Steve teaches art and art history at Harding University in Searcy, AR, and is a deacon in the Westside Church of Christ], and Brad [married to Georgia, parents of Savannah, Seth, and Arwen; Brad works in computer programming with “Say Media” in San Francisco, CA, and is a deacon in the Tri Valley Church of Christ]. All are Christians, and actively involved in the program of the church where they live. We give thanks for their lives and the good work they are doing.

Wayne and Janet Barrier

Wayne and Janet Barrier

Wayne and Janet Barrier

Wayne and Janet live in Florence, Alabama and have been associated with the Choates and World Evangelism since 1982. Presently, their work is sponsored and overseen by the Double Springs, Alabama congregation. They assist with all phases of the World Evangelism work, making two or more trips to Asia each year. Their efforts focus on follow-up evangelism and training.

Both Wayne and Janet are 1972 graduates of the University of Tennessee. Wayne completed a graduate degree in 1975 and Janet in 1982. Janet taught math for 20 years in local schools including Mars Hill Bible School and Heritage Christian University. Wayne has been an adjunct faculty member for several schools over the past 30 years, including 20 years with Faulkner University and is presently serving with Heritage Christian University. He worked as an engineering research manager for the U.S. government for 24 years.

The Barriers have four children and five grandchildren. Their sons work with them in missions, with two working as full-time ministers and the third working part time.  Their daughter and daughters-in-law are homemakers and assist their husbands with their ministries.

Jerry and Paula Bates

Jerry and Paula Bates

Jerry and Paula Bates

Jerry and Paula Bates are both natives of West Tennessee. Jerry graduated from Freed-Hardeman University and Mississippi State. After working several years in the agricultural field, Jerry began preaching. He also obtained his Masters of Arts in Religion from Harding Graduate School in Memphis. He has now been preaching over 20 years working with churches in Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi.

Paula graduated from University of Tennessee in Martin with a degree in Accounting. She held various jobs in the places in which they lived. For four years, Jerry and Paula served as houseparents for the Children’s Homes in Paragould, AR.

In August 2007 Jerry and Paula moved to Winona and joined the World Evangelism team. Paula serves as the bookkeeper as well as making mission trips overseas. Jerry is an Associate Editor of The Voice of Truth International. He primarily works with coordinating the overseas shipments as well as making mission trips.

Jerry also works as coordinator for Bear Valley Bible Institute in Denver, CO. In this capacity, he works with two extension schools in India and also teaches Master’s courses in schools in Africa and other countries as the need arises.

Louis and Martha Rushmore

Louis and Martha Rushmore

Louis Rushmore, a former Catholic, obeyed the Gospel in 1972 while in the United States Air Force. He preached his first sermon one year later, and after several months of preaching for various congregations by appointment, Louis accepted his first fulltime work in 1974.

After realizing the need to increase his Bible knowledge, brother Rushmore enrolled in Memphis School of Preaching in 1975. Louis  studied at Lake Superior State University and Southeastern Illinois University and further received the following diploma and degrees: Diploma from Memphis School of Preaching, BA for Biblical Studies, MA for Journalism in Society & Religion, and PhD for Homiletics & Preaching from the Theological University of America.

Louis  has preached for 35 years. He has written hundreds of articles, many of which have appeared in various Gospel magazines, including:Gospel AdvocateGospel GazetteChristian Bible TeacherThe RestorerTherefore StandUnity in TruthFirst Century ChristianPower,Publishing Peace and Contending for the Faith. Louis has written several books, including: Church DivineSpirit SummarizedBible GeographyParables of Our Lord, Vols. 1 & 2Our Restoration Heritage, Vols. 1 & 2Cost of DiscipleshipBeverage AlcoholPreaching the Whole Counsel of God, Vols. 1-10Rushmore’s Notes on the Book of EstherRushmore’s Notes on the Book of RuthDigging Up the Past and Biblical Companions: Geography, Archaeology and Sacred History.

Louis’ wife, Bonnie, died from pancreatic cancer.  Bob and Martha Nolan had been close working associates of Louis and Bonnie for many years before Bob also died from pancreatic cancer. January 1, 2017, Louis and Martha decided to become help-meets to each other and in God’s work here in the States and overseas.  Their children (all grown up and married) highly approved of the marriage, making hilarious pictures of one of Martha’s sons and one of Louis’ sons holding shotguns at the wedding!

 Louis and Martha continue to work with the World Evangelism team living in Ocala, FL. since January 2019, and doing short-term work in Guyana, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and India.  They look forward to serving the Lord Jesus as efficiently and as enthusiastically as possible as long as they live.

Shane and Emily Fisher

     Shane is from McMinnville, TN. He graduated from Freed-Hardeman University in 2008 with degrees in Ministry and Finance. Then in 2010, he earned a Masters of Divinity degree.  Emily (Harris) grew up in Hohenwald, TN and is also a Freed-Hardeman graduate with a degree in Biology and a Masters of Education.

     Shane and Emily married in 2010. For the next four years, Shane preached for a congregation in McMinnville, TN and Emily taught high school science.  In 2014, they moved to South Korea where they taught English and had Bible studies with students.  Shane preached and taught at some of the congregations during their four years in Korea.

     In March 2019, Shane and Emily moved to Winona, MS to work with World Evangelism.  They are overseen by the Springer church of Christ in Hohenwald, TN. Both serve daily in the office with various tasks and make extensive mission trips during the year.  Shane serves as an associate editor for The Voice of Truth International, and they both write for the quarterly magazine.

Colin and Ellen McKee

Colin and Ellen McKee

Colin and Ellen McKee

Colin McKee was born and reared near DeFuniak Springs, FL, in the Liberty community. He attended Alabama Christian College (now Faulkner University), Auburn Univeristy, and Southern Christian Univeristy where he received the Masters of Arts degree. He married Ellen Mitchell who grew up in Brilliant, AL. Ellen attended Alabama Christian College and Auburn University in Montgomery where she received the B.S. degree in education.

While Colin was a student at Alabama Christian College, he began preaching part time for the Center Point Church in Grady, AL in 1962. He began full time work with the Broad St. Church in Phoenix City, AL in 1965.

The McKee family (Colin, Ellen, 2 yr. old Elizabeth) first went to south east Asia in 1968. They spent several months in Singapore trying to gain entrance to Sarawak, East Malaysia, but were unsuccessful. They finally decided to enter Indonesia to work with the Steve Cate family in Medan, North Sumatra, and arrived there in February, 1969. Their first period of work in Medan was from 1969-1973, with a furlough during the summer of 1971 when their son, Marcus, was born. They returned stateside from 1973-76, then lived again in Medan from 1976-1979.

From 1979-97 the McKees did local work in Alabama while making periodic evangelistic and training trips to Indonesia and working on translation of Bible materials for the churches there. In 1997 they returned full-time to Jakarta for a period of almost four years. In 2001 they resumed local work in Alabama while making periodic trips to Indonesia for training and evangelism, and continuing with translation and literature production for the churches.

And many, many others…

There are so many involved with this effort, including each and every one of our supporters who give their money, time and good will to us and aid us every month in our efforts. Thank you!