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If you are interested in the mission efforts of the Lord’s church, you’ll want to go through our catalog. If you are a World Bible School teacher, you’ll be interested in the books we supply for your continued teaching of your students, often below our printing costs!

Our purpose is not “for profit”. Our purpose is to be able to answer appeals like this one from a brother in Nigeria: “I have only one book: Bible Themes. I have now read this book six times. Besides this I have only the Bible. Will you please send me more books to study?”

So we send copies of The Voice of Truth International and of the various study books we’ve printed. To feel that these books are valuable assets in the growth of Christians is not to take anything away from the importance of God’s Word. But all of us know how much we have profited by having reference materials and books that are the products of the studies of others in the Lord’s body. How deprived I would feel if I had no access to book stores and catalogs. These brethren literally have no source to which they can turn, and that is why we want to answer such appeals.

We make about 25 various study books available to World Bible School teachers, for jail ministries, and for personal work at a cost of $1.50 per book, often less than we actually pay for the printing. Some of these have been translated and printed in Spanish, French, German and Russian.

It is also our conviction that mission stories of the work that is being done, or has been done, by our brethren need to be recorded for the inspiration of all who read them, and for posterity. We have given voice to many among us in this way. The books are available in the World Evangelism Publications bookstore on this web site.

youth-eternal sacrifice cover

Jesus Christ the Eternal Sacrifice — a study of the cost of our salvation, designed for teenagers and college-age adults. Written in narrative form, a young Christian, along with a Hindu friend and a Muslim, studying to answer the question, “Who is Lord?”

Numerous study books are also available — about 250 titles, total.  All of these have been written by brethren.

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