Into God’s World

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Do you share our concern about the materials being used in classrooms throughout churches of Christ today? Interdenominational writers cannot properly feed our children! Our lack of concern about this situation, as a church, will be our downfall if we don’t wake up and make some critical changes.

When the older generation is gone, and the leadership is left to younger people who have, themselves, largely been raised on these materials that lack definitive doctrine and substance, we will be facing an apostasy like the one that took away 85% of the Lord’s church throughout the world at the turn of the last century. Are we willing to allow that to happen?

The Need

What would be required to get “Into God’s World” in production? The crossing of one very small hurdle: Personal support for a couple to lead in the development of the series! That’s all! What a simple thing!  For years we searched for the visionary congregation to  step forward with the pledge, “We’ll do that…”

Our plea was this: You, as a congregation of the Lord’s people, could literally change the history of the world and the church by having the vision and dedication to do this one thing! Are you considering hiring a new youth minister or some other person to take care of needs within the congregation? Why not forego that luxury for yourself, organize the members to take care of more of the local work, and commit that support instead to this project?

No one volunteered, but one dedicated brother left “World Evangelism” in his will, enabling a beginning to be made, with the oversight of our sponsoring elders of the Liberty Church of Christ. 

Elders of the Liberty Church: Benford Pierce, Harold Oswalt, Tommy Moody, and Raymond Carr.

The Proposal

The search began for the man we called “Gideon” and “His 300  – the volunteers that would be needed to do the writing, art-work, proofing, visuals, and the other component parts that would make the curriculum complete.  We were sure that with the right couple to lead this work, volunteers throughout the church would step forward to  get the entire series ready for publication, one quarter at a time. Many have already eagerly offered their services in these areas.
But we still need qualified and dedicated leadership.  Could you be one of these much needed people????

Already, much work has been done regarding the component parts of the series, as well as the topics for each quarter. There is literally no end to what can be done to bring a quality spiritual education to every age-group in the church! What an age of advantage we live in, with powerful lay-out programs available to us so that we can produce exactly what we need in every situation, with color printing growing more cost-effective every year, and with the talents of foreign printers being available for the inexpensive production of four-color books and visual aids, never has it been possible to do more for less cost! God has placed an open door before us –– Let us not fail to go through it.

component parts-back cover.psdIt is our desire that, as materials are completed for use in American churches, appropriate quarters can be selected for translation and printing in mission fields, so that classes outside of the US can have an equal opportunity to properly teach and train their children. They have nothing there, except what is shared from the States, usually left-over interdenominational materials from classes here. All of these problems can easily be remedied by the simple decision on the part of some individuals and congregations to support this vital effort. How many among us will volunteer?